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Planning Board, Building, Demolition and Road Permits—Instructions and Forms

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WELCOME to Web Page for the Building Department of the Village of Shoreham
It is our intention to make your visit as easy and pleasant as possible. Please remember that living in the Village of Shoreham means the Village of Shoreham, not the Town of Brookhaven, issues your building permit.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Carbon Monoxide Detectors Now Required:
Carbon monoxide detectors are now mandatory in most homes in New York State. A new law went into effect on February 22, 2010 requiring the devices in any residential building, which has a carbon monoxide producing appliance such as a gas, or oil operated furnace, stove or hot water heater and any home with an attached garage. Homes with only electric furnaces and stoves do not need the monitors. The Village of Shoreham is required to and does enforce this requirement. The new code applies to new and existing homes. The new law has been dubbed “Amanda's Law” in memory of a Western New York girl who died from carbon monoxide poisoning. For more information contact the Village of Shoreham Building Department or go to the following NYS web site.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Notice of Construction Type must be given to the Fire Department
Effective January 1, 2015, pursuant to § 382-b of NYS Executive Law, Part 1265, a mandatory labeling system is now part of the protocol for the issuance of building permits for new residential buildings and additions, renovations and rehabilitation of existing buildings, The labels detail the roof and floor construction. A label must be affixed to the electric meter or on an exterior wall adjacent to the meter or in a conspicuous place on the exterior of the residence as may be determined by the building inspector. The label informs the Fire Department or other first responders in case there is a fire, what the roof and floor construction consists of before a responder enters in or upon the building. Knowing the type of construction helps the responders in their efforts and promotes their safety. The label must be affixed prior to the Village issuing a Certificate of Occupancy or a Certificate of Compliance for the building. The property owner is responsible to maintain the clear visibility of label making sure nothing obstructs the label. The property owner is responsible to insure the integrity of the label and must replace it in the event the label fades, is no longer legible or is destroyed.  In addition, a new form is required to be filed with the Village Building Department when an application for a permit is filed. 

Accordingly, in addition to the building permit package you will need for a new home (VS-New Home BP) or for a Renovation, Alteration, Extension or Detached Building (VS-Alt-Ren-BP), both found below; PLEASE download the following form for compliance with the new, State requirement for notification to the local Fire Department. Thank you.

VS- Notice of Construction Type



-APPLICATION FORM (Word document)

-FULL ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT FORM "EAF" (Fillable pdf form in 3 parts. Note that all 3 parts must be completed and submitted with the Uniform Planning Board Application) :

--Part 1

--Part 2

--Part 3


Why do I need a Building Permit?
It’s the law. The Village of Shoreham’s local laws require a building permit and all building projects in New York State must comply with the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and require a building permit. See 19 NYCRR § 1203.3(a)(1) for further information.

When is a Building Permit Required?
A Building Permit is required for new homes (including manufactured homes), additions, alterations, (including detached garages), renovations, extensions, pools, solar systems, installation of electric generators, underground tanks, gas to oil conversions, and accessory structures. Accessory structures most commonly include sheds, decks, porches, fences and gazebos. A permit is required to replace an existing driveway.  A permit is not required for minor repairs, nor to replace an existing deck, or to make repairs to existing plumbing systems.  

How do I apply for a Building Permit?
For simplicity and your convenience please download from the Shoreham Village web site the appropriate permit package that applies to your project. It’s that simple. All building permit application packages are self-explanatory and contain all required applications and forms. Downloadable permit packages include the following:

VS-New Home-BP         (New Home)             
VS-Alt-Ren-BP               (Renovation, Alteration, Extension, or Detached Building)
VS-Solar-BP                   (Solar System)
VS-Pool-BP                     (Swimming Pool or Hot Tub)
VS-AS-BP                        (Accessory Structure)
VS-Mechanical Permit   (Generator, Gas Conversion, etc)

What about inspections of the work and when do I get my Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance?
Once a Building Permit is issued inspections are required at various stages of the work involved. When all the required inspections are approved and the project is completed you are required to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Certificate of Compliance (CC).  For a complete list of required Inspections and what documents you are required to submit for the Village to issue your CO or CC please download:

VS-Inspections-C/O-C/C  ( Required Inspections and Issuance of CO and CC)

How long does it take to get a Building Permit?
That depends on your particular project. Aside from a review by the Building Department, all applications are reviewed by the Village Design Review Board. Some applications will also be reviewed by the Village Planning Department, the Coastal Erosion Officer, and potentially other entities. Once the review process is complete and all agencies that are required to review the proposed project have signed off with an approval, the Building Permit can be issued. 

How long is a Building Permit valid?
A Building Permit is valid for one year from the date it was issued.

How much will my Building Permit cost?
There is a $100.00 non-refundable application review fee that is credited to the cost of your building permit. The application fee is made payable to the “Village of Shoreham”. The cost of your Building Permit will be determined by the Building Department and will include fees for any other Board or agency that is required to review your project.


How do I obtain a Certificate of Existing Use, if I don’t have a CO and my home was built prior to the adoption of the Village’s Zoning Ordinances?
If your home was built prior to the Village of Shoreham’s Zoning Ordinance, you may apply for a “Certificate of Existing Use”. Please download:
VS- CoEU   (Application for a Certificate of Existing Use)


Must I obtain the Village's permission to rent out my house in the Village?
Yes, you must fill in and submit to the Village Clerk a Rental Registration Permit application, as well as supporting documents and fees described in the directions that accompany the application form. Note that the premises to be rented are subject to inspection by the Village Building Inspector. Note that, if granted, this permit must be renewed every two years. The reqirement for a Rental Registration Permit and additional details and provisions are specified in Local Law No. 8 of 2017-- Neighborhood Preservation. (See in particular page 5 of this Local Law, section entitled Rental Registration Required.)


PLEASE REMEMBER:  The property owner is ultimately responsible for complying with the NYS building code and codes of the Village of Shoreham. Building without a permit will only cause more hardship and delays in the future and more money. Penalties for not obtaining a Building Permit can be triple the Permit Fees for each permit required. In some cases, other penalties may result.

Please be advised that pursuant to the Village’s Zoning Ordinances and Local Laws, “no premises may be occupied for any purpose whatsoever until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued”. 

Please be further advised that pursuant to the Village’s Zoning Ordinances and Local Laws, penalties for failing to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy include imprisonment and/or fines.

Can I demolish an existing structure on my property?  
Demolition of a structure in the Village of Shoreham requires a Demolition Permit. Please download:
VS-Demolition Permit


The Road Permit application is used for permission to construct a new road, open an existing road, disturb the Village right-a-way, cut into an existing curb, install a new curb or apron, install a new driveway or remove and replace an existing driveway.  PLEASE download: ROAD PERMIT APPLICATION


For our benefit and the benefit of future generations; respecting the natural beauty and sylvan character of our environment requires good stewardship of public and private land. This includes maintaining the measure and quality of soil and the protection of trees and natural vegetation. To that end, the Village of Shoreham enacted Chapter 28, Village Local Law No. 29 of 2016 entitled “Trees and Vegetation".

The “Trees and Vegetation Local Law requires, among other things, that a permit be issued for the removal of “protected” trees.  In summary, a protected tree is any large tree, medium tree or small tree.

A large tree — is defined as a live tree having a trunk measuring sixty-two (62) inches or more in circumference at a breast height of four (4) feet above natural grade.

A medium tree — is defined as a live tree having a trunk measuring thirty-eight (38) inches or more in circumference, but less than sixty-two (62) inches in circumference, at a breast height of four (4) feet above natural grade.

A small tree — is defined as a live tree having a trunk measuring nineteen (19) inches or more in circumference, but less than thirty-eight (38) inches in circumference, at a breast height of four (4) feet above natural grade

For issuance of a Tree Removal Permit Application please click here to download.

To review Chapter 28, Village Local Law No. 29 of 2016 entitled “Trees and Vegetation” in its entirety please click here.



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