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BOX 389


Edward Weiss                         MAYOR
Brian C. Vail                           TRUSTEE
Leonard Emma                      TRUSTEE
Rosie Connell                          TRUSTEE
Kathleen Baumann Schnoor   ABSENT                   
Cathy Donahue-Spier             CLERK/ TREASURER

Deputies, Commissioners, and Chairs present: J.Bates, L.Kogel, J.Weiss, S. Blum, J.Flannery, S.Walker, M.Abata, J.Buyar  and  various residents.

 Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor Weiss opened the Regular Meeting at 7:30 PM and indicated that because the February Board meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather, this meeting would incorporate the business from both the February and March Board meetings.  Mayor Weiss further indicated that he would depart from the normal meeting format to entertain the bond resolution first so that Trustee Connell would not have to stay for the entire meeting, as she was not feeling well.

Resolution 3 of March 2015 – Bond resolution of the Village of Shoreham, New York, adopted March 10, 2015, authorizing the construction of improvements to various roads in the Village, stating the estimated maximum cost of the project to be financed is $995,000, and authorizing the issuance of $995,000 serial bonds of said Village to finance said appropriation.  This bond resolution is subject to a permissive referendum and the Village Clerk is hereby authorized to publish and post notice of the adopted Bond
Motion to Adopt Resolution Made by: Weiss
Seconded by:  Vail
 Weiss – Aye
Vail    -  Aye
Emma - Aye
Connell – Aye
The Resolution was declared adopted: 4-0



Resolution 1 of March 2015 – Salary resolution changing the payment method of the Shoreham Village Steward from an hourly wage to an annual salary of $35,000.
(Connell - Weiss 4-0)

Trustee Connell left the meeting and was not present for the remainder of the board meeting

Motion to approve minutes from January Board Meeting which included the hearing on the proposed Subdivision Law.
(Weiss - Vail 2-0, Emma abstains not present at January meeting)

Green Infrastructure [GIC] – reported that they organized a lecture by Sue Avery on the benefits of a rain garden, which will take place on Saturday, April 18, 2015.  The GIC reported it is collaborating with the Parks Advisory Committee to publish a newsletter in April about environmental issues and will organize a parkland clean-up later this Spring.  J.Buyer, ML.Abata, M.Madigan, and K.Blumer will be attending a conference to learn information about the grant process of Long Island Sound Futures.  J.Buyar has been developing Dark Sky regulations to be reviewed for possible in the Village Code.  The GIC reported it read the engineer’s report on the road project and are ready to meet with other Village officials to discuss it.

The Shoreham Village Association [TSVA] – N.Bagget reported on the last TSVA event, the staged reading of the Molnar play, “The Play’s the Thing”.  Mr. Bagget also reported on upcoming events including a lecture on electricity this month, an April lecture on rain gardens, and a May ‘Show and Tell” by Village residents.



2015 Village Election
Resolution 3 of March 2015 – resolution designating the date of the next Village election as June 16, 2015 and the offices to be filled as those of two (2) Village Trustees for a term each of two (2) years.  The resolution further directed the Village Clerk to publish this resolution in the Village newspaper.
(Vail – Weiss3-0)

2014023 - $ 4,098.30 (1/15 payroll & utilities)
2014024 - $ 4,774.41 (1/29 payroll & utilities)
2014025 - $ 115,832.83  (January bills)
2014026 - $ 3,702.42  (2/12 payroll & utilities)
2014027 - $ 2,012.33 (additional January bills)
2014028 - $ 5,090.44  (2/26 payroll & utilities)
2014029 - $ 38,448.40  (February bills)

TOTAL: $ 173,959.13

Additional Invoices:  Pat’s Personal Cleaning $ 385.00, S & S Landscaping – snow plowing $ 615.00, Meenan Oil $ 904.64
(Weiss - Vail 3-0)

Authority to Pay January Claims
Resolution 2 of March 2015 – resolution citing the cancellation of the February board meeting and authorizing the Treasurer to pay January bills prior to audit at the March board meeting.
(Weiss - Vail 3-0)

Return of the Tax Warrant
Treasurer Spier reported that of the $692,064.22 she was authorized to collect for 2014-15 Village taxes, as of February 10, 2015, $ 677,528.55 was collected and she returned the tax warrant to the Board for the Mayor’s signature.

Grievance Day
Treasurer Spier reported March 1, 2015 was taxable status day and that the Village Assessor would be sending out letters of any new or changed assessments during this month.  She further noted that April 21, 2015 was tax grievance day and that she would be publishing notice in the Village newspaper, posting notice on the Village bulletin board, and posting notice on the Village website giving notice of such. 

Email vote to pre-approve rental of UL rental on 2/21/15 4:00 – 9:00pm by employee Bryant.  Approved:  Baumann, Connell, Vail 3-0.  Steward Piscak indicated that the rental never took place.

June 6, 2015 - LL Chinalai 65 guests 2:00pm - 7:00pm  $450
April 11, 2015 - LL Ruggerio/Keummel 70 guests 11:00am - 5:00pm  $800
April 25, 2015 - UL Fundraiser/Winter 175 guests 5:00pm - 10:00pm  $600

Use of Building by TSVA for lectures:
March 21, 2015 – Electricity Lecture 50-60 guest 7:00pm – 9:30pm
April 18, 2015 – The Benefits of Rain Gardens 50-60 guests 2:00pm – 5:00pm
May 16, 2015 – Show and Tell 60-70 guests 10:00am – 8:00pm
(Emma - Vail 3-0)


Ÿ  As related to communications:
Mayor Weiss stated that the Board would establish a protocol for storm alerts to the community.  The Mayor also reported that he spoke with Sarah Anker about the Bridge beautification project and that she will help him with establishing an agreement with LIPA that would give the Village permission to embark on this project.  The Mayor also reported that Village officials are in contact with Joanne Scalia of Senator Lavalle’s office regarding possible funding for a Village drainage program.  Mayor Weiss reported that the Village gave permission to the SWR Board of Education to hold an informational presentation at the Village Hall concerning a then upcoming vote on a bond proposal for school infrastructure improvements. Mayor Weiss stated that the meeting with the Board of Education regarding Briarcliff School was rescheduled.  Mayor Weiss attended Supervisor Ed Romaine’s State of the Town Address at the Town Hall.  While there, he saw Superintendent of Highways Dan Losquadro who he thanked for keeping our Village roads plowed and sanded during this extreme winter.  Mayor Weiss also spoke with Sarah Anker who indicated that her meetings with LIPA representatives concerning the Bridge have been very positive.  The Mayor also met with the Shoreham Civic Assocation.
Ÿ  As related to administration:
Mayor Weiss thanked recently resigned Richard Rohman for his years of service on the Planning Board and proposed the interim appointment of resident Diana Fuchs as planning board member to fill the position, which expires on 6/30/15.
(Weiss – Vail 3-0)
Mayor Weiss also reported the resignation of Chairperson Lynn Morris from the Zoning Board of Appeals.  He indicated that next longest-standing member of this board will fill the position of Chair and a new member will be appointed shortly.  Mayor Weiss reported that the cognizant trustee position for roads would be split into two parts, Trustee Emma will be responsible for stormwater issues as they relate to roads and Trustee Vail will be responsible for road construction issues.
Ÿ  As related to road maintenance:
Mayor Weiss reported that residents Dawn Madigan and Mary Schwartz completed their inspection of roadway vegetation overgrowth and will focus on notifying any residents who need to cut back overgrowth this spring.  Mayor Weiss indicated that road sweeping and drain cleaning will be performed pursuant to an Intermunicipal Agreement [IMA] with the Town of Brookhaven.  The Mayor reported that after the initial problem of overlooking Hillcrest Rd. was resolved, the Town did a very good job of plowing the Village roads.  Certain streets such as Overhill, Oliver, Beatty and Prospect are frequently icy as they are on hills and do not receive much sunlight.  Village officials are trying to develop a strategy to deal with this problem.
Ÿ  As related to roads project:
Mayor Weiss reported that the engineer’s report is complete and has been distributed to the GIC and the Roads Committee.  Mayor Weiss and Trustee Emma will meet with the GIC to hear their comments on the report, and; Commissioner Kogel and Mayor Weiss will meet with the Roads committee to hear their comments on the report.  Engineer Bob Steele will be meeting with Commissioners Kogel and Walker, and Trustees Emma and Vail to begin work on the bidding process.  The independent financial audit is in progress and a report from the CPA firm is expected at the end of this month.  The engineers are finishing surveying the roads in preparation for a meeting with the Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA) to discuss SCWA remuneration to the Village for the necessary repairs the roads after the water main replacement project last year.  Resident Luccio stated that she would send pictures to the Clerk of the water that is running down her road and causing the pavement at the edge of her road to collapse.   The Board indicated that this was a Town issue and that they will follow up with the Town about it.
Ÿ  As related to laws:
The Village Attorney has the Comprehensive Plan.  The SEQRA, moratorium on demolitions, and subdivision laws are finished and filed with the Secretary of State.  The Zoning law should be finished this week and ready for review by the trustees, planning board, zoning board of appeals at the next board meeting.  The other laws will follow and should move more quickly as they are less complex.
Ÿ  As related to contracts:
As mentioned above, the Village seeks to enter into IMAs with the Town for street sweeping and drain cleaning.  A new special franchise agreement will be entered into with Cablevision in 2017.
Ÿ  As related to miscellaneous:
The Mayor thanked Alan, owner of Water’s Edge Landscaping for donating his labor and  taking down the holiday banners and tree lights this year.  David Madigan and commissioner Walker have been examining compliance issues as it relates to  use of the Village Hall.  They are waiting for receipt of some material from the architect who designed the Village Hall to complete their report which they expect to present at the next board meeting.  Resident Reid reported that a telephone pole on the corner of Ashley and Woodville Rd. appears to be compromised.  Clerk Spier will report this to PSEG.  A budget meeting will take place in late April and a Town Hall meeting will be scheduled soon.  There have been no reported developments in the investigation into the tree cut down on Village property.  Resident Abata reported that the signpost at the corner of Ashley and Woodville Rds. was missing the sign.  Commissioner Blum indicated that he would follow up on the same.  Mayor Weiss indicated that remaining issues to be addressed included the speeding on Woodville Rd, possible fundraising opportunities with the TSVA, and to have all concerned Village officials obtain their mandated training.
Ÿ  As related to policies:
Mayor reported that the procurement policy and that the police on Village Hall rentals will be reviewed, and that a policy will be developed on storm preparations.


No commissioner reports.

No old business.

No new business.

No public comment.

Motion to adjourn 8:30 PM.
(Vail - Emma 3-0)

Cathy Donahue Spier
Village Clerk


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