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BOX 389


Edward Weiss                          MAYOR
Leonard Emma            XXXX TRUSTEE
Rosie Connell                           TRUSTEE
Kathleen Baumann Schnoor      TRUSTEE                   
Cathy Donahue-Spier               CLERK/ TREASURER

Deputies, Commissioners, and Chairs present: J.Bates, J.Pase,  L.Kogel, J.Flannery, S.Walker, M.Oberdorf, J.Falco, J.Scrimenti  and  various residents.



 Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor Weiss opened the Regular Meeting at 7:30 PM.

Motion to approve minutes from April 14, 2015 Board Meeting.
(Schnoor - Connell 4-0)

Neil Baggett reported that The Shoreham Village Association (TSVA) had presented 12 events since February 2014 will be presenting the 13th, an evening of Show and Tell open to all residents this Saturday, May 16th at 4:00 p.m.

Clerk Spier requested permission to make budget adjustments by shifting items in Commissioner Blum’s budget improperly booked in A8150.1-.44 to its proper place in A8510.1-.44.
(Weiss - Schnoor 4-0)

Motion made to close the regular meeting and open the Board of Assessment Review meeting.
(Weiss - Schnoor 4-0)

Assessor Pase reported that 3 assessments were increased based upon building permits issued; 18 Overhill Rd., 127 Briarcliff, and 7 Prospect Street, and 2 grievances were received, 18 Overhill Rd. and 54 Woodville Rd.  Assessor Pase recommended that both grievances be denied, as they were not supported by evidence justifying a change in assessment.
The Board accepted Assessor Pase’s recommendations.
(Connell - Weiss 4-0)

Motion to close Board of Assessors Review and reopen regular meeting.
(Weiss - Schnoor 4-0).

2014034 - $ 4,767.02 (4/23 payroll & utilities)
2014035 - $ 2,050.00 (security camera – email app’l)
2014036 - $ 5,100.50 (5/7 payroll & utilities)
2014037 - $ 24,875.88 (April bills)
2014038 - $ 29,257.00 (LKMA, Brookhaven snow plowing bill)

TOTAL: $ 66,050.40

(Weiss - Connell 4-0)

Clerk Spier reported that 9 months into the fiscal year revenues this year exceeded revenues of last year at the same time by roughly $10,000 due to an increase in rental income.  Clerk Spier reported the financial report indicates that expenditures this year were approximately $60,000 less than last year, but this is due to a prior pre-payment of the fire contract in the prior year, so actually expenditures are equal to last year at this time. 

Deputy Treasurer Bates made the following requests on behalf of Steward Piscak
September 26, 2015 - UL L.Winter/Burns 160 guests 5pm - 10:00pm  $3,700
May 16 , 2015 – UL *reminder TSVA Show & Tell Lecture less than 75 guests 4pm - 7:00pm  No Charge
June 22, 2015 – UL (pre-approved by email: Schnoor, Connell, Emma) Guercia/SWR 5th grade dance 150 guests  3:00pm - 5:00pm  $600

Return of LL Ruggerio rental - full $250 event date 4/11/15
Return of LL Aliperti rental – full $250 event date 5/2/15

(Weiss - Connell  4-0)


  As related to communications:
Mayor Weiss reported that he and Deputy Mayor Vail attended a SCOVA reception honoring Town Supervisor Ed Romaine.  At the event, Mayor Weiss met an LIPA representative with whom he spoke about the possibility of the Village doing restorative work and maintenance on the railroad bridge that crosses over Woodville Road.  The LIPA representative invited the Mayor to send an email containing the request, which he would then forward to LIPA’s legal department.  Mayor Weiss, after conferring with Sarah Anker, sent an email requesting permission to do the work and requesting a meeting with the Village, Ms. Anker, and LIPA. Mayor Weiss will update the residents as to any developments.  Mayor Weiss also stated that he was waiting to hear whether any grant money will be available from Senator LaValle’s office for stormwater management projects..

  As related to administration:
Mayor Weiss stated that he, along with Commissioner Kogel and Trustees Emma and Vail will be putting together updated job descriptions for the positions of Commissioner of Stormwater Management and Commissioner of Public Works.  Mayor Weiss indicated that appointments will be made to fill the vacancy left by Chairperson Morris’s resignation from the ZBA when the new zoning law is passed there will be additional changes to this board.

  As related to road maintenance:
Mayor Weiss reported that resident Dawn Madigan and he would be surveying the Village roads for encroachment of vegetation. 

  As related to roads project:
Commissioner Kogel reported that Clerk Spier obtained 3 quotes for street sweeping.  The two lowest quotes were the Town at $5,400 and another vendor who quoted a flat fee of $3,600 plus a debris disposal charge of $45 per cu.yard.  A conservative cost estimate of the debris made by the vendor was $2,250, which would put this vendor’s cost over the Town by $400.  The Board indicated that they would like to have the Town do the work at a flat rate rather than have the unknown variable regarding the cost of debris disposal.  Commissioner Kogel reported that the cleaning of the Village storm drains would be done after the roadwork in the Old Village was complete; and that the roadwork bid specifications would include cleaning out the affected drains upon completion of the roadwork.  Commissioner Kogel reported that the Road and Drainage Bid Process Committee met with the engineers of LKMA and that a plan was prepared holding to a 1.5 million dollar budget to include some required work in the “old” part of the Village and some work on Ashley Lane and Towerhill Road.  The projected time line is to advertise the bid beginning June 1st and give contractors 3 weeks to submit a bid.  The bids would be advertised in the NYS Contractor Reporter as well as various other trade newsletters. The submitted bids would be opened on July 1st and awarded at the July Board meeting.  The roadwork would start during the second week of August with notice to the affected residents.   The project would be complete by November 30, 2015.  Commissioner Kogel stated that the bid specifications would include a provision that the contractor may begin staging the work at 7:30 a.m., but that no other work could begin before 8:00 a.m. or extend past 4:00 p.m.  Commissioner Kogel also advised the board that the sinkholes on Thompson St. and Upham Down have been repaired on a temporary emergency basis.  Mayor Weiss indicated that he would be meeting with both the Town Highway Superintendent, Dan Losquadro and the SWR school district to discuss various issues relating to the roads.  Mayor Weiss indicated that the Village attorney has approved the agreement with the Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA) authorizing a $300,000 payment to the Village to compensate for damage caused to the Village roads during the SCWA’s water main replacement project in 2013 and that the Mayor would be signing the agreement.  Trustee Baumann indicated that the audit is on schedule and that the final draft will be provided by the CPA shortly and given to Munistat to get prospectus put together to get a Moody’s rating in the next month or so.  She anticipates receiving the money for the road project this summer at an interest rate between 3.1 and 3.5 percent.  Mayor Weiss indicated that the road project plan will be presented to the Village residents during an upcoming Village Hall Meeting on June 6, 2015.  
  As related to laws:
Mayor Weiss indicated that the proposed Zoning Law requires some additional review and that the timeline has been extended so it is anticipated the law will be introduced at the June Board meeting for hearing and adoption at the July Board meeting.
  As related to contracts:
A new special franchise agreement will be entered into with Cablevision in 2017.
  As related to miscellaneous:
Mayor Weiss thanked resident Bob Reid for reporting the crack in the telephone pole on the corner of Ashley Lane and Woodville Rd. and reported that PSEG has erected a new pole and will be transferring the wires shortly.  Commissioner Flannery reported that the road apron was broken in front of resident Naso's driveway.  Clerk Spier will contact D.Schweyer to fill hole with asphalt. A flyer will be sent out to residents informing them of the Village Hall meeting on June 6th and containing various reminders such as: no glass bottles on the beach.  Clerk Spier will ask S & S to take away and dispose of the cut-down locust tree on Village property
  As related to policies:
Use of the building:  Commissioner Walker reported that the DEC has informed him that there no restrictions on the use of the building.  Additionally, the building was inspected and there are no fire violations.  Commissioner Walker has reviewed the deed to the parking lot and it contains no restrictions on its use.  Commissioner Walker is working with the architect who designed the building to obtain "as built" plans.  At this time, there is no indication that the building is being used in anyway that is out of compliance with local and state laws. 
Procurement:  Trustee Baumann will review the existing procurement policy. 
Rental: Trustee Connell is looking at the rental policy.  She is considering a policy where Village organizations may use the building's lower level once per month at no charge and any additional use with the permission of the board.  A fee schedule is being considered for the use of the upper level that would cover expenses and apply equally to various organizations.  A discussion ensued between the Board and various residents.  The matter is tabled for further discussion.
Storm preparedness:  Commissioner Falco is putting together a checklist of things to be done in the event of an impending storm.


 Code Enforcement - Commissioner Flannery informed the Board that officers Mirando and Grau will no longer be working for the Village and requested permission to hire a new officer, Steve Preller, who is a retired member of the NYPD.  Officer Preller has completed his application and provided the office with copies of his licenses and certifications.

 Building -  Commissioner Scrimenti reported that the security cameras were installed with the monies from the Justice Court grant and that aesthetic  issues will be straightened out when the poles are wrapped.  Commissioner Scrimenti also indicated that the project would go over an additional $750 which he and Commissioner Flannery agreed could covered by the existing code enforcement budget.
 Both Approved.
(Connell - Schnoor 4-0)

No old business.

No new business.

No public comment.

Motion to adjourn 9:000 PM.
(Schnoor - Weiss  4-0)

Submitted, Cathy Donahue Spier, Village Clerk

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