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BOX 389
Subject to ratification at the November Board Meeting


Edward Weiss                         MAYOR
Brian C. Vail                           TRUSTEE
Leonard Emma                       TRUSTEE
Rosie Connell                          TRUSTEE
Kathleen Baumann Schnoor   TRUSTEE                  
Cathy Donahue-Spier             CLERK/ TREASURER

Deputies, Commissioners, and Chairs present at 7:30 pm: Bates, Kogel, J.Weiss, Richter, Piscak (portion), Falco, D.Madigan and approximately 20 residents.



Mayor Weiss opened the Regular Meeting at 7:30 PM.
Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Weiss made the following remarks:

Good evening everyone.  Before starting our usual meeting, I would like to say a few words about the heartbreaking loss our community suffered since we last met.
It was Thursday morning when I learned of the passing of a Shoreham/Wading River football player in a game the night before.

Of course, saddened by the news, I went online to see if I could find more about what happened, only to learn in an email from Brian Mahoney, that the fallen player was Tom Cutinella, a boy who had played flag football with Brian and me . . . a few short years ago.

From that moment . . . to as recently as last Saturday . . . there has been an outpouring from communities as far west as the Hudson Valley . . . to the easterly parts of the North Shore . . . an outpouring almost impossible to describe.

  1. A candlelight vigil for over 1,000 people . . . with other football teams in attendance.
  2. A reception at our Village Hall attended by over 200 people . . . made only possible with the help of friends and neighbors . . . and abundant contributions of food and beverage from local restaurants and farms.
  3. And then the awarding to Tom of a full athletic scholarship by West Point, a school he was hoping to attend, accompanied by an Army jersey with his number 54.
  4. And the retirement of that very number in a game last Saturday . . . a game originally scheduled to take place at Wayandanch, but that Wayandanch elected to have played at Shoreham/Wading River.


When I bundle all these things and my feelings about them, I know we can all take comfort that Tom’s spirit will live on . . . and with that in mind, I would like to pass along to Tom’s family and friends the deepest condolences of our community . . . . and ask for a moment of silence on his behalf.  Thank you.


Motion to approve minutes from September Board Meeting
(Connell - Schnoor 5-0)
Motion to approve minutes from October 4th Special Meeting
(Connell - Schnoor 5-0)


Resident Flannery requested the Board’s permission to hold a tree lighting ceremony on the Village playground on Sunday, November 30th at 6:00 p.m.  It would be run the same way as last year with the Shoreham Country Club serving hot chocolate.  The Board asked Commissioner Flannery to find out the cost and to report back to the Board.

Resident Daddino requested that the minutes go up on the website sooner stating that September minutes had not yet been posted.  The Board and Clerk indicated that it would rectify the situation.  Resident Daddino also asked that the Board fill positions on the Ethics Board that was formed in 2010, but never filled with appointments.  Mayor Weiss indicated that the Board would be making these appointments later in tonight’s meeting.

Resident Kavanaugh reminded everyone that the TSVA annual meeting was being held at the Village Hall on Saturday, October 25th at 9:30 a.m.

Resident Pence asked if the Village intended to clean-up the old railroad bridge stating that the overgrown vegetation will compromise the structure of the bridge and create a dangerous situation if left unchecked.  Mayor Weiss stated that the Village had a benefactor who offered to finance the clean-up and the Mayor will to speak with LIPA officials to obtain permission for this clean-up project.

Green Infrastructure Committee (GIC) co-chair Buyar reported that the GIC newsletter was mailed to the 40 residents who do not have access to the internet.  All other residents received the newsletter electronically.  Ms. Buyar also submitted a package to the Board containing all of the information from Susan Harder’s Dark Skies Presentation.


Steward Piscak presented the following for approval:

July 11, 2015  – UL rental – Resident Ceruti (son’s high school graduation party), 100 guests 6pm-11 pm.  $1,500 (only rental scheduled for that weekend)
November 7, 2015  – UL rental – Caterer/Sheehan, 125 guests 5pm-10pm.  $2,800 (special winter rate)

December 6, 2014  – Special Event – TSVA Lecture on Chinese Tapestries, 60 attendees 7-9:30pm, no charge

Return of Security Deposits.  Richter 9/20/14 $408
(Connell – Baumann 5-0)



Resolution 1 of October 2014 to authorize Court Clerk Wood to apply for a Justice Court Action Plan grant in the amount of $29,000 for building surveillance equipment, an automated external defibrillator (AED), court furniture and an all terrain vehicle.  Vote taken by email to meet grant deadline.  Yay – Weiss, Baumann, Vail (3); Nay – Connell (1), Abstention – Emma (1) .

Resolution 2 of October 2014 to Introduce proposed SEQRA law.  Resolution to authorize Clerk Spier to post and publish notice of a hearing on a proposed local SEQRA law to be held at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting on November 11th, 2014 at 7:30 pm.  The entire text of this proposed local law will be available for viewing on the Village website: www.villageofshoreham.org and copies are available for viewing at the Village Hall during office hours.
(Vail - Weiss 5-0)

Resolution 3 of October 2014 to authorize the Mayor to sign an Intermunicipal Agreement with the Town of Brookhaven for the use of the Town’s Recycling Facility by the Village to facilitate Village Single Stream recycling in the Village.
(Baumann - Connell 5-0)

Clerk Spier reported that she has spoken with the Town’s Waste Management Commissioner and the Village’s carting company and that Single Stream recycling can begin in the Village in November.  Clerk Spier will send a letter to all residents advising them of the switch to Single Stream recycling.

Deputy Treasurer Bates distributed a summary the financial abstracts of outgoing expenditures.

2014008 - $ 10,899.32 (2nd payment generator and return of security deposits app’d at Sept. Board meeting – email app’l,)
2014009 - $3,245.50  (3rd Final payment generator – email app’l)
2014010 -  $4,571.99 (9/25 payroll)
2014011 - $3,774.13 (10/9 payroll and utilities)
2014012 - $ 68,205.81 (Bills received this month including insurance $28k premium & generator expenses)

TOTAL: $ 119,092.89
(Baumann - Emma 5-0)

Treasurer Spier distributed the 9/30/14 financial report to the Board and reported that 2 months into the fiscal year revenues exceeded revenues reported last year at the same time and that expenses were down from last year at the same time.  She reported that the expense decrease was due to having no hurricane related expenses in the current fiscal year.  Revenue increases were due to the collection of more rental income, building permit fees and tax interest penalties than the prior year at the second month of the fiscal year.  She indicated that the attorney’s expenses were up from last year and, to date, the Village has expended almost 2/3 of its entire budget for legal representation.  Treasurer Spier urged all Village Officials to use the attorney as sparingly as possible.


The Board offered its condolences to Resident Delagi for the passing of her mother.

The Mayor made the following appointments;

Robert Minarik – Alternate 2 of the Design Review Board in effect until 6/30/15

Board of Ethics
Laura Baisch – Chair in effect until 6/30/17
Ed Brickley – member in effect until 6/30/16
John Caramihas – member in effect until 6/30/15

(Vail - Emma 5-0)

Mayor Weiss indicated that the Board received 3-year capital budgets from Commissioners Scrimenti and Richter and is awaiting budgets from the other commissioners. 

The commissioner job descriptions have been approved by the Board members and are now being reviewed by the commissioners.  These descriptions are posted on the Village website, but may be modified after the commissioners’ reviews.

The list of cognizant trusutees was finalized and posted on the web site.

Mayor Weiss and Commissioner Kogel met with Town Highway Supervisor Dan Losquadro to discuss various road matters including asking Supervisor Losquadro to pave Woodville Rd. down to the stop sign at Overhill Rd. instead of stopping near Suffolk Down.   Supervisor Losquadro agreed to extend the paving.  Also discussed was the viability of having the Town do the pothole repairs in the Village.  The Village will obtain an estimate from the Town to see if it would be more cost effective than using the private contractor recommended after the public bid last year. 

A meeting still needs to happen between the Village and the Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA) to discuss reimbursement for road restoration costs.  The timing of such meeting will be a function of the progress being made with the development of an over-all road plan.

Commissioner Kogel spoke to the SWR Board of Education and they indicated that the best time for a meeting regarding Briarcliff School was between November and December before their budget hearings commence.  Mayor Weiss indicated that such a meeting would be scheduled.

Update on the Village Laws:  the hearing on the SEQRA law will be held at the next Board meeting, the Village is awaiting the Village Attorney’s review of the Subdivision re-draft and other laws; and the Steep Slopes law was just sent to and is being reviewed by our Attorney.

Mayor Weiss reported that the Comprehensive Plan has approved by the Board members and sent to the Village Attorney for processing.

Mayor Weiss will appoint 2 residents to check the roadways to see if residents have cleared the intruding vegetation.  If encroachments still exist, a letter will be sent directly to the homeowner to rectify situation within 30 days.  If not so rectified, the Village will correct the encroachment at the homeowner’s expense.

The Steward job description and compensation is currently under review by Trustees Connell and Schnoor. 

Building Commissioner Walker has completed various building permit applications and protocols.  These materials will be posted on the Village website.  Later during the meeting, Commissioner Walker will discussed Amanda’s Law and its importance.

Mayor Weiss indicated that the Board reviewed the recommendations of the Road Committee and the various proposals submitted by engineering firms.  The consensus of the Board is that L.K. McLean is the best candidate to engineer the road refurbishment project.  This firm will charge $100,300 or less to develop the road plan for the entire Village and monitor/inspect its implementation for the “old” part of the Village.

Resolution 4 of October 2014 to authorize the Village to enter into negotiations with L.K. McLean and to authorize the Mayor to sign the Proposal for Professional Service
(Connell - Baumann 5-0)

Trustee Baumann indicated that the reserve for capital projects will be used to pay for this project in conjunction with a bond. 

David Madigan reported that the Village renewed its contract for insurance with NYMIR and that the Village insurance agent provided the premium decrease information for increasing the amount of the deductible on various policies.  The Village may increase the deductible at any time to receive a rebate on the premium paid.

The Mayor and another Board member will be meeting with the Fire Department regarding the renewal of the fire protection contract.

The Village will be renewing its franchise agreement with Cablevision in 2017.

Commissioner Falco is not present to report on the Towerhill tree removal – this item is adjourned to the next Board meeting.  Mayor Weiss mentioned that there was another tree that had to be taken down at the intersection of Towerhill and Briarcliff Rds.

Trustee Emma reported that the reason that the water in the Circle Dr. sump is not completely draining is due to a perched water table.  A layer of clay that lies below the sump that brings the water table higher than normal.  The only way to get rid of the water would be to put fill into the sump.

The Mayor will be speaking with LIPA officials to learn whether the Village would be permitted to clean the overgrown vegetation from the bridge and repoint the bridge.  Mayor Weiss also expressed interest in having the bridge designated as an historical structure, but cautioned that this may be difficult to achieve.

D. Madigan reported that he spoke to National Grid about the cost for installing natural gas lines in the Village.  He said even if 40% of the residents would covert to natural gas, the conversion cost per household would be between $7,000-9,000.  The Village would incur substantial cost as well.  The Board indicated that the expense was prohibitive.  Mayor Weiss will review with our engineer the practicality of having other under services.

The Mayor reported the break-in on Towerhill Rd.

Mayor Weiss reported that the Board will be reviewing our procurement and our rental policies.


Justice Court – Desmond
No report.

Code Enforcement – Flannery
Commissioner Flannery reported that between June 1 and September 1 of this year, Village code enforcement officers issued 55 tickets, responded to 20 calls for larcenies,  criminal mischief, public disturbances, and persons in need of medical assistance.  He also reported that the schedules of the code officer have been modified saving the Village $8,000 in salary costs.  In response to complaints of speeding on Village roads, Commissioner Flannery suggested that the Mayor write a letter to the 7th precinct advising them of the problem and requesting that the precinct assign a patrol car to the Village to issue speeding tickets to violators. 

Webmaster – Falco
No report.

Health/Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness - Falco
No report.

Public Works– Kogel
Public Works report is contained in the Board’s Report.

Building Department
Commissioner Walker reported that a carbon monoxide poisoning occurred at one of the Village homes due to a non-functioning carbon monoxide detector.  Commissioner Walker indicated that New York State Law (“Amanda’s Law”) requires that all homes with an oil burner have an operational carbon monoxide detector.  He will send out a mailing to the residents explaining the law and giving information how to complying reported that 8 building application packages will be available on the Village website in the next 10 days.  He also reported that he was ordering  stamps for the building plans so that various boards can communicate there ruling/findings with each other.

Parks - Mahoney
No report.

Beach – J.Weiss
Commissioner Weiss reported that the beach is closed for the season.  He stated that he is in the process of getting price quotes for the safety fence to be installed on the beach headwall.

Building Operations – Scrimenti
Commissioner Scrimenti reported that the lower level carpeting project was complete.  He is looking to replace the upstairs bar furniture.  He also has received heating and air-conditioning proposals to review.  The Board asked Commissioners Blum and Kogel and resident Tastrom to assist Commissioner Scrimienti with the review.

Building & Grounds - Blum
Commissioner Blum reported that the Village Hall generator would be installed this month. The total cost is $13,000.  Commissioner Blum has also repaired the split rail fence at the playground and tennis courts.  The Village Hall parking lots lights are currently on order.  Commissioner Blum will follow up with the vendor regarding delivery date.

Recreation – BJ Richter
No report.

Environmental/Storm Water Management - Emma
No report.

Committee Reports-
No reports.

No old business.

No new business.

Resident Weiss inquired whether the Village would continue the Village Newsletter.  The Board indicated that it currently does not have an author for the Newsletter and will review the necessity of the same.

Motion to adjourn 8:30 PM.

(Baumann - Connell 5-0)

Cathy Donahue Spier
Village Clerk

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