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Photo above: The beloved old Shoreham Country Club, sadly lost to fire in 1987.


The Shoreham Country Club (SCC), founded in 1916, is a social club whose membership is available to all residents of the Incorporated Village of Shoreham ("Shoreham Village"). Although the SCC is a venerable old Shoreham Village institution that does much to enhance the community, note that it is entirely organizationally distinct from Shoreham Village, which is a municipality.

Although the SCC rents the beautiful waterfront Shoreham Village Hall (which replaced the original clubhouse) for many of its events, this hall is owned by Shoreham Village. Inquires about renting this Hall should be directed to the Shoreham Village Clerk (631 821 0680). Click on this link for more rental information and photos.


Shoreham Country Club

P.O. Box 551

Shoreham New York 11786-0551




This is the Official Web Site of the Shoreham Country Club, a private club not to be confused with the Incorporated Village of Shoreham.


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