To All Fellow Shoreham Residents:

Part of what makes our Village special are groups such as the "Sunshine Committee". When times get difficult we can decide to withdraw due to fear or expand to help. The Sunshine Committee is here to help during these trying times. 

Thank you Sunshine Committee for all you do.

Shoreham Village Trustees

Dear Neighbors, 

TSVA’s Sunshine volunteers just want to remind you that we’re here to help our neighbors during this health crisis.  

              We will do errands, pick-up & deliver for you.  In helping our neighbors, we must keep at least six feet social distance and, so, will likely not be able to enter someone’s home. Since we’re required to keep the social distance, we cannot offer driving services, at this time.  Please check with the Village government for information regarding access to medical services and assistance (rides, etc.).  

              Looking forward to when we’re back to normal with our full set of volunteers and assistances. 

Please don’t hesitate to call.       Stay happy and well. 
TSVA Temporary Sunshine Volunteers 
Laura Miller                                    631-744-6606    
Donna & Ray Abbatiello          631-566-7780                                    
Gil Tastrom                                    516-250-8941                
Ute Thoennessen                       517-214-4105                
Francis Vail (June-August)   631-875-2885 
Cathy & Tom Spier              631-744-0379