Have Your Next Party or Reception at Shoreham's Beautiful Village Hall



The Shoreham Village Hall, the seat of government for the Incorporated Village of Shoreham, is also a beautiful seaside catering venue available for rental by the following:

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The Shoreham Village Hall offers a beautiful waterfront locale for your special occasion

Photo sampler of Recent Weddings

The Village Hall offers two different venues to serve your particular needs:

Upstairs: Main Catering Hall--ideal for weddings and other large functions:

Lower Function Room--an informal, economical setting ideal for family gatherings, childrens' parties or business/organization functions


Whatever your choice, you will enjoy:

Spectacular water views and Sunsets (Sun sets on the water from early April until early September):



Outdoor venues available for ceremony (example 1 , example 2, example 3).

Bluff-top gazebo (view 1, view 2 ) and beach (below) for photo-ops


So consider the Shoreham Village Hall for your special occasion


For inquiries, contact Village Steward Patty Stimson: (631) 849 6479

Also see links below for details: