Edward Weiss MAYOR


Leonard Emma TRUSTEE

Rosie Connell TRUSTEE

Kathleen Baumann Schnoor TRUSTEE

Cathy Donahue Spier CLERK/ TREASURER

Commissioners present: L. Kogel, S.Blum, J.Weiss, along approximately 30 variouscommittee members, chairs and residents.


Mayor Weiss opened the Regular Meeting at 7:30 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance


Motion to approve minutes from July 14, 2015 Regular Meeting

Approved. (Schnoor - Connell 5-0)

OPEN FORUM B.Kullen stated that there is a continued and repeated violation of the state law on firecrackers, roman candles, and sparklers. She said that she hopes that the Board will do something about it because these violations pose a safety hazard, as many of the Villagehomes are wooden and can catch on fire. She also stated that children are at risk and can seriously hurt themselves when handling firecrackers.

D. Smith stated that the code officers cannot be reached in an emergency because they have no cell phone service in the Village. The Board indicated that the Village purchased 3 radios for use by the code officers and lifeguards and are currently working on thisproblem.

CLERK/TREASURER REPORT Treasurer Spier reported that at the preliminary close of the books at fiscal year end, revenues exceeded expenditures by $16,000 and will be added to fund balance.

Treasurer Spier reported that Standard and Poor’s issued a credit rating to the Village of AA.

Treasurer Spier reported that the Office of the State Comptroller cancelled its planned audit without explanation.

ABSTRACT APPROVAL 2014046 -$31, 968.90 (7/16 payroll, refuse collection, return of security deposits app’d at last Bd. Mtg., and bills presented orally at last Bd. Mtg.,) 2014047 -$8,745.90 (7/30 payroll) 2014048 -$22, 137.51 (bills incurred during FY 2015) 2015002 -$20, 270.41 (bills incurred during FY 2015) 2015003 -$76,213.90 (bills incurred between 8/1 and 8/15, including 2nd payment fire contract)

Total: $159,336.62

Approved. (Weiss – Vail 5-0)

RENTAL REQUEST & RETURN OF SECURITY DEPOSITSClerk Spier presented the following rentals requests for approval on behalf of Steward Piscak:

October 10, 2015 – UL rental – Rayfield/Charity Fundraiser 150 guests 7-11pm $600

June 18, 2016 – UL rental – Fellrath Wedding 175 guests 5-10pm $1,500

September 17, 2016 UL rental – Kahnis/Caterer TBD 125 guests 6-11pm $3,700

Approved. (Connell – Weiss 5-0)

HEARING ON PROPOSED LOCAL LAW ENTITLED ANIMALS: DOG CONTROLL Motion to close regular meeting and open hearing on proposed local law.

Approved. (Vail – Weiss 5-0)

B.Kullen indicated the proposed local law was drafted in such a way that it would make it illegal to have dogs on any Village property. A discussion ensued regarding various aspects of the proposed local law.

Motion to close hearing and re-open regular meeting.

Approved. (Vail – Connell 5-0)

The Board indicated that it would remove this law from consideration and introduce an edited version at the next board meeting.


Change of Meeting Date - The Board indicated that three of its members were not going to be available on the date of the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Trustee Schnoor made a motion to change the date of the September board meeting from Tuesday, September 8th, to Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

Approved. (Schnoor – Connell 5-0)

Administration/Website - Mayor Weiss indicated that the list of Village Officials was now posted on the Village website and that the lists of Village Committees, Cognizant Trustees and Job Descriptions would would be posted on the website within a week.

Grants - Grant writer, Nicole Christian discussed possible upcoming grant opportunities. David Madigan requested that she send him a list of the things that may be funded by grants. He would review the list and let Ms. Christian know what opportunities were of interest to the Village.

Communications – The Mayor indicated that he was informed by Senator LeValle’s office that Shoreham will receive State funding for the improvement of Village roads and stormwater management system. Mayor Weiss will announce the amount of funding when it becomes official.

Mayor Weiss has a tentative meeting with Legislator Sarah Anker, LIPA and PSEG officials later this month to explore a possible leasing or licensing agreement with them regarding the bridge so that the Village may embark on the project to repair, beautify and remove vegetation from the bridge.
Mayor Weiss is in further conversations with the Town regarding their major project at Sill’s Gully and will report on any developments.

Public Relations – Mayor Weiss reported that Legislator Sarah Anker issued a Proclamation to the Village praising the Village and its Mayor for making civic improvements for its residents.

Road and Sump Maintenance – Mayor Weiss reported the the Town has completed its road repairs on Upham Down. Mayor Weiss reported that the cleaning of the sumps by the Town is done, but the clearing and fencing still has to be done. The cleaning of thestorm drains will be done in mid to late November after the road work has been completed. Engineer Falasco will look at all the Village streets and compile a list of potholes and road repair work that needs to be addressed in the “Estates” and the “Slopes” sections of the Village. These repairs will be made in the fall. Encroaching vegetation will also be addressed in the fall. The School District has begun cleaning up the vegetation overgrowth on school property. Because the Road Improvement Projects has the potential to disturb more than 3 acres of land, the Village will need to obtain a permit from the DEC. Trustee Emma will be applying for this permit. The School District has permitted theVillage to use its parking lot for storage and staging during the project. The garbagecarters will be contacted and informed of the disruption to the roads during the road repairs.

-The road repair and drainage work in the “Old Village” is underway and 8 - 9 large drains have been installed as well as 500 feet of new curbing. The Village willalso be installing stop signs on Woodville Rd. at Fitzgerald or Beatty Rd. and perhaps, - in conjunction with the Town -at Woodville Rd. and Circle Dr. north.

- Beach grass has been planted along the beach access road and a rock revetmentwill be installed to stabilize the access road and improve its appearance.

Laws- The Board introduced a proposed law regarding notice of defects and proposed, by resolution, a hearing on Proposed Local Law (tba) of 2015 - A Local Law Entitled Notification of Defect. The Village Clerk is directed to make all notifications, and publications of the notice, of the hearing which will be held at the next regular board meeting on September 15, 2015.

Approved. (Connell - Weiss 5-0)

-The Board introduced a proposed law regarding maintenance of vegetation and proposed, by resolution, a hearing on Proposed Local Law (tba) of 2015 - A Local Law Entitled Vegetation Maintenance and Preservation Law. The Village Clerk is directed to make all notifications, and publications of the notice, of the hearing which will be held at the next regular board meeting on September 15, 2015. Approved.

(Vail - Connell 5-0)

The Zoning law and Comprehensive Plan will be the next matters under consideration. Following these laws, the next laws will be simpler and presented at a faster pace, perhaps three each meeting.

Code Enforcement/Communications - the hand held radios purchased for communication between code enforcement and the lifeguards do not work, as the signal from the repeater towers in Conn. are not strong enough. The radios will be returned to the company and the alternate means of communication will be explored.

Policies - At the last board meeting, numerous policies were passed regarding workplace violence, procurement, and investments. These policies will be kept in a bound book in the clerk’s office. Commissioner Falco is currently working on an emergency preparedness plan and Mayor Weiss plans to prepare a writing to define the duties and scope of work of the code enforcement officers. Trustee Schnoor is following up on the review of the procurement policy.

Fundraiser - Mayor Weiss suggested that the TSVA raise funds to, in conjunction with Commissioner Mahoney, develop a project to improve the appearance of the parkland at intersection of Ashley La. and Briarcliff Rd.


The Board is still working on a plan for improved handicapped access to the Village Hall, the viability of a cell phone tower, VIOS, reassessments, and the upcoming Cable-vision franchise agreement.


Recreation: Clerk Spier presented a proposal from Reilly Green Mountain Platform Tennis for Commissioner Richter to refurbish the platform tennis courts for a fee of $3,881.00

Approved. (Weiss – Vail 4-0)

Closing Comments - Mayor Weiss thanked John Weiss for all the work he did this summer as Beach Commissioner and thanked the Road Committee and, in particular, Steve Walker, who has worked tirelessly to oversee the road project.







ADJOURNMENT Motion to adjourn 8:35 PM .

Approved. (Connell – Emma 5-0)


Cathy Donahue SpierVillage Clerk


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