Above: View west from Shoreham Village BeachXXX (see also picture below)


Above: A very historic early photo. Camera is in about the same location as the 1st photo, but turned 90 degrees couterclockwise, now looking south (landward). In foreground is Ada Sherman (far right) and her two boys in the light-colored bathing suites, David (older) and Wesley (younger). Other woman and boy are unidentified. Wesley later lived on Woodville Rd. and became the Village's real estate agent and Constable. In the background is the "Log Cabin", Shoreham's 1st clubhouse, which stood slightly east and slightly landward of the current Village hall, at about the north end of the present-day paved parking lot. The gulley to the east, now filled in, was the northern terminus of Woodville Road, and was the prime access point to the beach. The gulley to the right was spanned by a foot bridge until the 1970's and, now partially filled in, is the access point to the beach for vehicles and boats.

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