Being a member of the local government, my Uncle Joe Falco (he’s the fellow in the middle of this 2009 photo) would tell you that Shoreham is one heck of a place. Two great and beloved Shorehamites, Mayor Klatsky and Bud Siegel (both pictured above), would be inclined to agree.

No doubt, Good old Bud knows Shoreham, better than anybody. And from the days he brought freedom to Italy (and—our family likes to say— returned with a new-fangled food called pizza), he has enjoyed the beautiful Shoreham sunsets (and sunrises).

I think that the best part of Shoreham is the sunsets – the following pictures were taken by my mother, Nancy Falco Chedid, a former Shoreham resident, in Summer 2009. I have spent my entire life living in the heart of Red Sox Nation, but Shoreham is very near and dear to my heart: